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When I was a teenager I was passionate about becoming a chef . After 2 years of intense training I worked in a few restaurants and then became fully qualified. However my real journey to where I am today all started with a family Christmas cake in the early nineties!

As a family we decided to make our gifts for each other (which is a tradition we still hold). Using my baking skills I decided to make a fruit cake. I pulled a recipe page from a magazine (I still have the actual page from Prima)!  and I baked 5 small Christmas cakes, fully decorated and packaged in pretty wrapping ready for Christmas Day. I had so many compliments and my sister even snuck hers into her suitcase to take on holiday with her! 

I went on to create cakes for all my friends and family including Humpty dumpty, Maltester cakes and a whole host of creative cakes.

When my sister wanted me to make her a 5 tier wedding cake and after the wedding telling me I should be a professional… I knew it was time.

So I took a few more courses with places like Squires Kitchen and self-taught a lot of techniques. 

Then in 2013 I got a position at The Daisy Cake Company at the Romsey, Hampshire based tea room. I loved being totally immersed in baking, designing and creating cakes. My boss Bronya planned to move out of Hampshire. So it was decided that I would head up the Hampshire Cake business whilst she went to head the London based business and Daisy Cake Hampshire was formed.

We then went on to start a podcast called The Business of Cake Making. A perfect opportunity to talk all things cake. Its wonderful to chat to so many great guests from around the world. If you haven’t already listened then head over to the Podcast page and hear what we have been up to!

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